Best Michael Kors Bags – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Buying a designer handbag like those from Michael Kors requires an investment. Your local retail store may not carry the best Michael Kors bags for your needs. You can turn to the Internet though. While that increases your choices, it also complicates your decision. 
First, you need to choose from which line of Michael Kors handbags you want to purchase: 

  • Michael Kors, 
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors, 
  • KORS Michael Kors. 

It may sound redundant, but it is not. The designer offers three distinct lines at three different price points. The original line, Michael Kors, offers high end, luxury handbags at haute couture prices. That translates to $1,000 or more for a bag. Both MICHAEL and KORS represent what fashion calls a diffusion line. Designers craft diffusion lines using cheaper materials and fabrics and featuring less sophisticated stitching. The design of the bag still represents the distinct style of the designer, exhibiting the same traits as his or her haute couture designs. 

Second, while each line of a contemporary designer like Kors bears some resemblance to one another since they represent the same design house, each differs, too. All of his designs feature contrast and metallic accents. Space and versatility represent two common features of all the designer’s bags. Each line offers a variety of shapes and sizes. 
The differences between the lines are just as remarkable. The original line uses luxe leather, rare materials like crocodile and python and fine metal hardware. Some use handmade processes. The price points for these bags usually ranges from just under $1,000 to $9,000. Both MICHAEL and KORS feature polyester and canvas bags, as well as some smaller, cross body leather bags. You’ll occasionally see leather briefcase or tote sized bags in each diffusion line. The price points for these bags usually ranges from just under $100 to $400. 

Jet Set Item Large East West Cross-body Bag (Editor's choice)Saffiano leather9”x4”x.75″31: black, pink, bright red, ash grey, white/silver, gold, and other
Jet Set Travel Large Logo Messenger BagHearty, tough canvas10”x9.5”x2.8”4: black-large signatures, black-small signatures, brown, vanilla
Women’s Jet Set Large Crossbody BagLeather9.4”x6.5”x2”7: admiral/pale blue, black, brown, brown/olive, brown/bright red, vanilla, white/navy
Women’s Raven Shoulder BagSaffiano leather13.5”x5.5”x10″10: black, optic white, soft pink, beige, acorn, and other
Women’s Jet Set ToteLeather13.5”x10”x4.5”19: black, pink, red, brown, blue, purple, and other
Women’s Selma Medium TZ SatchelSignature PVC with leather trim and double rolled leather handles13”x7.9”x3.9”1: black
Leather Travel Logo Duffle Large Bag Printed Duffel LuggagePebbled leather23”x12”x10”2: brown acorn, dark brown
Women’s Jules Large Drawstring Bucket BagLeather11.5″x11″1: black
Logo Fanny PackLeather with the mini logo10.3”x6.9”x 2.8”1: brown

Jet Set Item Large East West Cross-body Bag – Best Color Variety

Michael Kors designs some of the most versatile, roomy cross-body bags available. This bag features a timeless design that compliments many outfits. It is available in a multitude of colors. 

  • Crafted of Saffiano leather
  • Fully lined interior with interior pocket and two interior pouch pockets
  • Features adjustable shoulder strap
  • Roomy interior measures 9” x 4” x .75″
  • Available in 31 colors
  • Price varies by color
  • Cannot remove strap to use as clutch

Jet Set Travel Large Logo Messenger Bag – Best Cheap Large Bag

This coated canvas messenger bag with MK logo print offers a sleek, slim silhouette. The Sullivan messenger with a top-zip closure to keep prying eyes off of your paperwork. This timeless design comes in neutral colors. 

  • Crafted of hearty, tough canvas
  • Fully lined interior with two interior pouch pockets
  • Features adjustable shoulder strap
  • Roomy interior measures 10” x 9.5” x 2.8”
  • Available in four colors – black, brown, mocha and vanilla (white)
  • Price varies by color

Women’s Jet Set Large Crossbody Bag – Great Day to Evening Bag

This leather, PVC and polyester cross body bag rates highly with those who’ve purchased it for being just the right size for a smartphone, wallet and a few extra items. 
It dresses up an everyday bag with gold-tone hardware and leather trim. 

  • Crafted of leather with leather trim
  • Fully lined interior with interior wall pocket
  • Features adjustable shoulder strap
  • Top-zip closure
  • Roomy interior measures 9.4” x 6.5” x 2”
  • Available in seven colors/color combinations
  • Price varies by color
  • Interior pocket lacks closure hardware

Women’s Raven Shoulder Bag – Best Bag for Moms

Michael Kors offers up an exceedingly roomy, well-organized leather shoulder bag with a sturdy strap that helps you tote heavy items. You remain fashionable with 10 colors from which to choose. Kors puts together a huge bag that could double as a mini-diaper bag letting moms everywhere look stylish while taking care of their little ones. 

  • Crafted of leather
  • Fully lined interior with interior zip pocket
  • Outside snap pocket with six credit card slots
  • Comes with keychain inside the bag
  • 18K gold hardware
  • Roomy interior measures 13.5” x 5.5” x 10″
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Price varies by color
  • Cannot adjust strap length

Women’s Jet Set Tote – Best Alternative to a Briefcase

The designer provides a sleek bag of simple, sophisticated design the perfect size to function as an alternative to a briefcase. This tote with slim, adjustable straps easily accommodates file folders and paperwork and zips shut to protect your privacy. Its multitude of pockets let you separate items you need to access quickly. 

  • Crafted of Saffiano leather
  • Two exterior side pockets
  • Fully lined interior with phone pocket, zippered pocket, three slit pockets
  • Comes with keychain inside the bag
  • Features adjustable shoulder strap
  • Roomy interior measures 13.5” x 10” x 4.5”
  • Available in 19 colors
  • Price varies by color
  • Some buyers report strap fraying

Women’s Selma Medium TZ Satchel – Best Traditional Bag

Measurements do not tell the whole story which you’ll quickly realize if you set this satchel bag next to the jet set tote. Although their measurements are similar, the satchel features a boxy styling similar to a barrel bag. It is reminiscent of grandma’s Sunday church bag. 

  • Crafted of leather
  • Buckle closure
  • Features adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
  • Features handbag strap
  • Logo lined interior with single pocket
  • Roomy interior measures 13” x 7.9” x 3.9”
  • It comes in a single color – black.
  • Few interior organizing pockets

Leather Travel Logo Duffle Large Bag Printed Duffel Luggage– Best Weekend Bag

Throw your essentials, bathing suit and a little black dress into this weekend bag and go in style. It provides a vast interior that still meets with airline carryon luggage measurement requirements. It comes in two shades of brown that match most brown luggage sets.  

  • Crafted of signature PVC with leather trim and double rolled leather handles
  • Newer design features adjustable, detachable fabric shoulder strap
  • Newer and older design features handbag strap
  • Gold hardware
  • Lined interior with five side pockets
  • Exceedingly roomy interior measures 23” x 12” x 10”
  • It comes in a two shades of brown.
  • No interior zippered compartments

Women’s Jules Large Drawstring Bucket Bag – Best Just for Fun Bag

This massive black drawstring closure bucket bag lets you toss your everyday needs inside and hit the town. It’s adjustable shoulder strap provides up to a 14” drop. You can wear it cross-body if you desire. It’s the right height and width to even fit a little light reading into so you do not get bored waiting in line while running errands. 

  • Crafted of pebbled leather
  • Gold hardware
  • Fabric lined interior
  • Roomy interior measures 11.5″ x 11″
  • Interior zip pocket and three open pockets
  • Interior cell phone pocket
  • It comes in black only.
  • When closed top measures 4”

Logo Fanny Pack – Best Workout Bag

Whether you’ve gone on a five mile run or are just running errands about town, you can take your cell phone, credit cards and a lipstick with you in this fanny pack. You can wear it high or low on your waist by adjusting the strap. The strap adjusts to fit various waist size but is not one size fits all. You can achieve a snug fit, so the pack does not bounce while you run or jump. 

  • Crafted of leather with the mini logo
  • Gold hardware
  • Fabric lined interior
  • Interior measures 10.3” x 6.9” x 2.8”
  • Adjustable fabric belt
  • It comes in brown only.
  • Belt only fits single digit dress/pant sizes.

Best Michael Kors Bags – Buyer’s Guide

Michael Kors designs bags for every need, situation and use. The nine bags discussed herein represent the top options out of Kors’ current available handbags. Whittling down your choice from there requires a buyer’s guide that discusses various factors to consider when purchasing. These include the purse’s

  • storage capabilities, 
  • weight when empty and when full, 
  • design outside and inside, 
  • material. 

Storage Capabilities

You need a handbag that lets you fit all the needed items into it without sticking out or stretching the fabric. It has to be the right size to accommodate your needs.

You need to fit much less into a fanny pack for a quick run than you do a diaper bag for an outing with an infant. You wouldn’t use the same bag as a briefcase to the office as you would an overnight trip so consider the items you need to put inside and how much room they require.

Also, think about how you’ll organize it. A large bag with lots of interior pouches and pockets makes much more sense than a large bag with no interior organization options. If at least one compartment zips shut, you can secure papers or your wallet in it. A mom with a baby needs at least one insulated pocket for a baby bottle.

If you do not already have a bag large enough for what you need to carry, organize what you can in the largest bag you have, then pile what else you need next to it. Measure the size of the extra items and add that to the dimensions of your existing bag to get the minimum size of the new bag you need. 

Purse Weight

Some bags start out heavy. A sturdy leather bag can weigh two to two and a half pounds empty. Other materials are lighter. The less the bag weighs empty, the less it will weigh when full. The less it weighs, the more comfortable it will be to carry. Some bags distribute the weight better than others. This may be through backpack like straps or a belt strap. Consider how long you’ll carry it throughout the day and under what conditions. 

Purse Design

Look for a purse that provides a classic or contemporary style on the outside and intuitive organization on the inside. If you spend most of your time with a cell phone in one hand, a bag with a well-organized interior lets you find items with your free hand. The same goes for using a purse as a diaper bag. For this to work, the opening of the bag needs to be wide enough to reach in and grab anything. A light colored interior lining with pockets makes it easy to see items at a glance. 
Aside from the fanny pack, we assume you’ll usually need to carry a number of items with you in style and comforts. That requires some of Kors’ larger bags. Choose from various designs that suit different needs. 

  • The backpack: A superior design for those who need lots of room for many items or larger items. Many come with side pockets and a front pocket. Because backpacks have two straps and distribute the weight equally across your shoulders and back, they can provide a more comfortable way to carry large or heavy items. 
  • The tote: Tote bags work great if you need to carry paperwork or organize a combination purse and diaper bag. Most tote bags have multiple sections, some with zippers and pockets along the side. You’ll need to adjust the bag from shoulder to shoulder alternating on which side you carry it. If you like oversized bags, totes give you room for everything. 
  • The messenger: Messenger bags combine a tote-like body with a cross body strap that makes it easier to carry and evenly distribute the weight. They can usually accommodate paperwork and file folders like a backpack or tote. 
  • The satchel: A satchel may feature two sets of straps, one for wearing the bag over the shoulder, the other to carry it as a briefcase. They usually have greater depth than other designs, but they may not feature the same height as a messenger or tote. You can carry a tablet or small laptop in one. 
  • The duffel: Duffels bags provide a large option for overnight or weekend trips. They also make ideal gym bags. These longer, barrel shaped bags can fit a few changes of clothes in them, along with toiletries and other essential items. They’re meant more for clothing and do not lend themselves to paperwork or books. 
  • The crossbody purse: A smaller purse with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed on some designs. Its removal allows you to carry it as a clutch. These usually accommodate a cell phone, wallet and a few makeup essentials. 

Handbag Materials

The materials that comprise your handbag make a difference in many ways. Materials contribute to weight. They also affect ease of cleaning and the bag’s ability to absorb fluids and stains. Leather weighs more and provides a tough material that can take rough use. Canvas, fabric and nylon bags weigh less, but can tear easily. Leather requires special care while canvas, fabric and nylon bags can be machine washed. Most fabric bags absorb liquid well. They may prove more stain resistant, plus they’re easier to clean when they do pick up a stain. 

Michael Kors handbags use various hardware to attach the straps and to decorate with buckles. Depending on the bag, they use brass, gold tone metal or gold hardware. Many of these designs also feature feet on the bottom of the bag to elevate it off of the floor or table surface when you set it down. 

For its enclosures, Michael Kors uses magnetic latches, zippers, or drawstrings. If you need to seal the bag tightly, choose a zippered bag. Nothing will fall out if your bag gets knocked over.

Magnetic latches can be easily unhooked with one hand, but they don’t always stay shut completely.

Drawstrings shut everything inside, but they shrink the bag’s capacity by shoring up the top of bag. An 11 inch opening can shrink to four inches with a drawstring, so you may not be able to fit as much as you thought in it. You also may have to take a few items out to get the bag to fully close. Some Michael Kors designs provide a key chain or key fob with the bag. If you want a matching wallet or makeup bag though, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

Kors does design matching pieces for the main colors in his lines. Most of these are neutral colors like black, brown, tan and white. 

Designing since 1981, Michael Kors has amassed an extensive line of handbags. He retires few designs, instead updating them with new shades or an updated logo print. There’s probably a bag in his lines similar to what you’d like. Consider if another material or color could work. He does continually add new designs though. That means if you do not see what you want in a bag now, wait until next season. Kors will probably release something suitable in the next line. Also, search the Internet because many vintage bags remain available so if Kors did discontinue your favorite, you may find the bag online in great shape.

Best Michael Kors Bags – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
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