Best Crossbody Bags for Moms – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect crossbody bag that fits their style and a variety of functions, modern moms have a lot of options. From diaper bags that are chic enough to pass as purses to purses that are as sturdy and spacious as a diaper bag, you can rock any crossbody style you want and find the perfect fit for you. 

Whether you’re juggling it all and need a bag that helps you manage work, play and family needs, or you need something with more grab-and-go minimalism, you can find answers in these detailed reviews. Check out how these top products compare below, then read on to see how to weigh the pros and cons of each choice. 

7Senses Diaper Bag for Girls and Boys (Editor's choice)Premium canvas fabric with brown leather accents and best quality zipper2: grey, navy blue17”x7″x13”

Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag
Water repellent polyester; faux-leather handle & logo1: grey16”x6”x14”

Isoki Madame Polly Baby Diaper Bag
Vegan-friendly faux-leather material1: black16.9”x7.1”x12.6”
Momcozy Breast Pump & Diapers BagHigh quality and waterproof material2: brown, grey15.8”x5.9”x5.9″
Harrito Diaper BagStrong durable zippers, premium canvas and fauna friendly materials1: white/navy16”x5”x14”
Leather Diaper Bag by Miss FongOuter-100% Pu Leather,Inner-100% Waterproof Nylon6: brown, olive, red, black, pink, grey13''×7''×12''
Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack Canvas, genuine leather trim, stamped logo, with premium antique copper-colored metal hardware3: birch/black, birch/stone, graphite/black15”x3.5”x14”
Volcanic Rock Crossbody Bags for Women Practical water resistant and stain resistant nylon oxford fabric11: black, coffee, pink, red, grey, and other Standard Size: 11.25”x4.3”x9”
Large Size: 14”x5.5”x12”
Large Designer Ladies Hobo bagFaux Leather4: black, brown, wine, yellow brown12.4”x4.7”x11”
RUVALINO Large Diaper Tote Stylish for Mom and Dad The exterior canvas is super easy to spot clean and the interior is a wipeable polyester.1: black11.8”x6.3”x15”

7Senses Diaper Bag for Girls and Boys – Best All-Around Choice 

As far as diaper bags go, this one manages to make the usual boxy and bulky shape look classy. Moms who want a traditional style of bag to wear in a crossbody fit may appreciate the understated gray canvas and trendy brown leather accents on this option. 

Canvas like the kind this bag is made of is known for being a durable textile, which is a helpful detail considering how much wear and tear the average diaper bag endures. 

The size and design of this bag may favor the handheld or one-shoulder approach for some situations, but wearing it like a messenger bag will help reduce the strain of its weight when packed full.

7Senses seems to have kept versatility in mind, though, which means the over-the-body strap can be removed and stroller-friendly straps clipped in its place, instead. You can transition from carrying it to carting it with just a few steps between. 

  • Matching changing pad included
  • Crossbody or shoulder strap is detachable
  • Has one insulated pocket
  • Handle straps may get in the way of crossbody wear
  • Machine washing may cause stitching around leather accents to loosen
  • May not be big enough for moms with multiples

Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag – Best Organization Details

 If you’re in the market for multiple pockets, this is a great choice for you. This dark gray with light arrow-patterned bag boasts a selection of differently sized pockets, pouches and compartments for you to organize everything you need. 

Lekebaby’s clever detail of a side pocket that acts as a wipe or tissue dispenser for travel-size containers is a unique feature that not many other brands have duplicated. 

All that space and the generous organization choices may not satisfy a mom who is in the market for a minimalist crossbody bag, however. Moms who want a lighter or more colorful option to match with their wardrobe might not favor this bag, either. 

Moms who do want plenty of pocket options may love how this bag combines that space with a variety of closures like magnetic snaps, stretchy elastic, zippers or wide-mouthed openings. This way, you can store things according to how quickly you may need to get to them without fiddling with a clasp or zipper. 

  • Removable shoulder pad for comfortable crossbody wear
  • Zippered side pocket designed for tissue or wipe dispensing
  • Insulated bottle pockets
  • Faux-leather details can start to peel after some use
  • Frame of the bag may become flimsy after machine washing
  • May be too bulky for crossbody wear when completely full

Isoki Madame Polly Baby Diaper Bag – №1 for Chic Fashionistas 

The look of this Isoki Madame Polly diaper bag seems designed for the perfect chic mommy selfie. The sleek shape of its body and shiny faux-leather exterior with bright metal accessories is a runway-ready trendsetter. 

Moms who want to look stylishly put together without sacrificing any of the supplies they’ll need for a day out may love a bag like this. Edgy wardrobes match the black option well while the tan choice can work if you rock a more natural vibe. 

The lack of open pockets that are easy to reach for without having to fiddle with a zipper or a button may turn off some moms who want style but need simplicity, too. The overall thickness of the fabric and heavy-duty hardware can add some unnecessary weight, as well. 

The mom who needs a part-time diaper bag and a full-time multi-functional purse with plenty of interior pockets and additional inserts may find this bag is the perfect fit. 

  • Vegan-friendly faux-leather material
  • Easily transitions between use as a diaper bag or purse
  • Includes insulated bottle carrier with zippered closure
  • No exterior pockets for easy grab-and-go storage
  • Heavy even when it’s not full to capacity
  • No padding on shoulder strap

Momcozy Breast Pump & Diapers Bag – Best for Nursing Moms 

Breastfeeding moms may be disappointed by many traditional diaper bags which aren’t designed to carry both their everyday supplies and a breast pump, too. This Momcozy bag could be just what they need to bridge the gap between both needs. 

If you’re a mom who has to balance work and parenting frequently, you may be pleased to find a bag like this has multiple insulated pockets and a compartment intended to hold a laptop specifically. 

The somewhat utilitarian and plain look of this diaper bag may not suit moms who want a bolder or more fashion-forward style to match with their wardrobe and baby gear. 

The body design that gives this bag its unique, pump-friendly feature works with several different brands. Though it has a very basic exterior, that can work in your favor if you prefer to keep your breast pump discreetly packed up. 

  • Interior pocket designed to carry a small laptop or notebook device
  • Three insulated pockets help maintain temperature for heated or cooled items
  • Discreet design for easy access to breast pump
  • Very few outer pocket choices
  • May not hold as much when carrying a breast pump
  • Plain exterior design may not suit everyone

Harrito Diaper Bag – Most Comfortable Option

 Even though this diaper bag sits on the larger capacity side of things, it’s designed to be worn comfortably as both a crossbody bag and a single shoulder bag. The nautical-style blue and white stripes with tan leather accents give it the kind of sporty look that inspires a day out and about. 

With all the spacious room this bag offers, day trips and travel can be made easier since you’ll have enough room to bring all the supplies necessary. 

The specific color and style may seem limiting for moms who have a different vibe, but it could serve as a sturdy back-up bag or weekend trip bag if it doesn’t work for your everyday use. 

The separate, insulated bottle holder with its wrist-strap makes it easy to take just a few essentials for moments where the entire bag may not be necessary, but you may need to offer your baby a bottle before getting back to it. 

  • Wide, adjustable strap for optimal crossbody comfort
  • Easy organization with a variety of compartment sizes
  • Trendy design with faux-leather accents
  • Excessive machine washing may cause accents to peel
  • Heavy use can cause fabric to lose some stiffness
  • Blue and white stripe pattern may not suit every style

Leather Diaper Bag by Miss Fong – Most Compact Choice

 This backpack-style option works well as a crossbody bag, too, and looks modern and streamline with its non-traditional shape. Faux-leather neutrals like black and tan work for a number of style choices, as well. 

As one of the overall smallest bags on the list, this is a great option for moms who want to keep their supplies light but not too sparse. 

Trying to stuff its slim shape too full may cause the shape of the bag to distort or may unevenly strain the seams. 

The flat-back design helps it hug close to the figure for crossbody or backpack wear. It’s sleek enough for the office and sturdy enough to tote off to the playground with snacks and diaper-changing necessities, too. 

  • Straps convert to hand-held, backpack and crossbody styles
  • Back flap fits over suitcase handle
  • Minimalist exterior pockets keep a slim profile
  • All faux-leather exterior does not machine wash well
  • Can bulge awkwardly when packed full
  • May not keep its firm shape after repeated heavy use

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack – Best Ergonomic Shape

 A tote-style bag like this could work just as well for the typical workday day as it does for a play-date. It comes in three different options which are all designed for a neutral color palette. 

This is a great choice if you need to transition quickly from working to parenting without having to fuss with different bags. The sporty but chic design balances a professional look with functional use. 

Because of its rigid structure and non-traditional shape, some moms may not prefer it if they need a lot more space for a variety of supplies. If you’re a mom with older children who need fewer things while on an outing, this could work well for you. 

The slim profile and tall, rather than wide, shape of this bag makes it a more comfortable fit for crossbody wear than bulkier designs. 

  • Non-traditional width and height fit more like a backpack or messenger bag
  • Unisex design with a modern touch
  • Designed to help parents transition between work and play
  • All color options are neutral and may not suit more colorful themes
  • Flap style enclosure can cause some frustration for grab-and-go moments
  • Interior does not expand much so it creates a tight fit when full

Volcanic Rock Crossbody Bags for Women – Best Color Choice Variety 

The purpose of this product’s design hovers somewhere between purse and diaper bag. As one of the more affordable options on the market for a large-capacity crossbody bag, the variety of color choices and the plentiful pocket room is a welcome combination. 

This may work if you’re looking for something bigger than a compact diaper bag but not as bulky as traditional options when it comes to crossbody styles. 

It may seem a little outdated for moms who prefer sleeker profiles in their purses and diaper bags, but this option still offers plenty of organization and a selection of colors for matching many themes. 

The waterproof material is a great option for moms who are looking for bags built to withstand the kinds of messes that small children can make in the blink of an eye. 

  • Nylon fabric is water and tear resistant
  • Lightweight design helps it stay comfortable for wear while full
  • Designed specifically for crossbody use
  • Not designed to be a diaper bag specifically
  • No insulated pockets
  • Heavy use may weaken stitches

Large Designer Ladies Hobo bag – Best Purse Option 

Large enough to fit a multitude of supplies yet small enough to sit comfortably across the body, this leather bag pairs style with simplicity. 

Classics like this slouchy, boho-chic type of crossbody bag always find a trend to fit, so it’s an option that has a lot of versatility in terms of functionality and fashion. 

This option is for the mom who doesn’t need space for everything but still needs to combine her everyday essentials with the typical parenting extras like a toddler’s snack and a quick change of clothes in case they get messy. 

The color selections in black, tan and burgundy mean you have some flexibility when it comes to matching your wardrobe or baby gear theme. 

  • Real leather is more durable than a faux-leather material
  • Chic and modern style that fits many themes
  • Crossbody strap is adjustable and detachable
  • No waterproof compartments
  • No insulated pockets
  • May not hold a firm enough shape for some preferences

RUVALINO Large Diaper Tote Stylish for Mom and Dad – Best Modern Design

 Modern and functional are a perfect pair when it comes to finding a diaper bag that does what it needs to and looks good while you wear it. The long, cylindrical shape helps this bag maintain its shape without being too bulky. 

Wearing this bag in the crossbody style is made easier with the shoulder strap’s adjustable cushion, which reduces the chance of feeling strained or pinched if it’s heavy from being full. 

The lack of style options may disappoint some moms who prefer variety in color or texture, but the polyester exterior can be wiped down with warm, soapy water for ease of cleaning. 

The brand put ease of use at the forefront of their design by creating a large interior lined with pockets so that you can organize what you need without having to remember exactly which side of the bag it may be on. 

  • Back strap allows bag to fasten easily onto an extended suitcase handle
  • Waterproof polyester material
  • Designed to work well for travel and extended trips
  • Exterior and interior pockets are limited in variety of sizes and closures
  • No middle divider to help with organizing larger loose items
  • May be heavy and bulky as a crossbody bag when fully packed

Best Crossbody Bags for Moms – Buyer’s Guide 

Read through these tips and considerations to help you make your decision. Once you’re confident about how to shop for a crossbody bag by learning which details or features are the most effective for comfort and long-lasting use, you’ll be ready to choose the right one for you. 

Ultimately, your preferences and your needs will be the most important deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best crossbody bag for you. Taking the time to really focus on what matters most will help you feel satisfied that you’ve made the perfect purchase. 

Determine How Much Space You Need 

Crossbody bags come in a variety of depths and sizes, so how can you tell which one will work best for you? Bigger isn’t always better if you wind up not needing the space. Do you like to keep all the essentials within reach, or are you a minimalist who just needs a few things to feel ready? Try to visualize the items you always reach for and then compare the bags that offer the best fit for those things. 

If you need to keep things on hand for children of different ages, consider an option that has a divider down the middle of its largest compartment to keep things separate. If the older child doesn’t need as much, then a smaller bag with just a few extra pockets and zippers might do the trick. 

The modern-day mom might need her bag to be work-ready as well as park-friendly, so check for padding that protects devices on the inside and material that stands up to wear and tear on the outside. Bags that come with matching inserts and extra pieces are great options that make your whole life easily portable and always within reach. 

Fit Your Choice to Your Style 

It can be challenging to define your personal style. Trends come and go and the definitions of style change with the times. That being said, if you can loosely define your personal tastes around a few keywords like “casual” or “bold”, you can choose a crossbody bag that works with your wardrobe. 

Casual doesn’t have to mean messy just like bold doesn’t have to mean bright colors. If you’re looking for something slouchy but chic, a leather or faux-leather bag without a lot of structure or excessive design can be a solid option. Bold looks without bright colors can focus on asymmetrical designs or neutral-palette patterns in unique or geometric shapes. 

The last thing a mom should do is sacrifice her personal tastes when it comes to outfitting herself with the right bag for her needs. Look through your existing wardrobe and accessories and take note of the textures, colors and style details that you like best. Then, browse through our list of crossbody bags to find the choices that closely match those preferences. 

How to Keep it Clean 

Don’t panic, but the disturbing truth about bags, purses and wallets is that they can collect a lot of germs throughout their use during the day. But, before you stock up on disinfectant, consider the material your potential bag is made of in order to determine the best way to clean it. 

A lot of multi-purpose diaper bags with a crossbody style may be designed to stand up to a vigorous cleaning, After all, the life of a mom often involves a lot of mess management. Spills, drips, sticky spots and downright dirty smudges have a way of just happening. 

While you don’t have to give up on stylish textures and interesting designs to avoid difficult-to-clean situations, you should be looking for interiors that can be wiped down and exteriors that can handle a bit of scrubbing if you know you’ll need some extra protection against messes. If you’re picking a bag as a minimalist mom, your needs may not expose the material to as much dirt and debris. 

Comfort and Ease of Use 

The crossbody style of wearing a bag is designed around one of the most important factors in choosing an accessory as a mom: comfort. This style is meant to be worn across the torso, which is where its name comes from so that you can balance the weight and wear the bag without feeling lop-sided. 

Bags that are meant to be worn over one shoulder can put too much weight on one side, which may leave a mom sore or frustrated as it slips and moves around. Wearing a bag across the torso can help to keep it in place, which can allow for a greater range of motion while multi-tasking. 

Many crossbody styles can be worn over one shoulder, too, but not all shoulder-style bags can work as a crossbody fit. One way to help manage the weight of a bigger bag is to look for options that have a wide strap or a special cushion accessory to help increase comfort. 

Moms who need to be able to access the contents of their bag quickly might prefer bags with flap enclosures instead of zippered ones, or pockets with elastic cinches instead of buttons or clasps. 

Versatility Equals Longevity

 Simply put, the more ways you can use your crossbody bag, the longer you’ll be able to keep it around and get the most bang for your buck. Many times, moms need to be able to wear any of their official, proverbial hats in the blink of an eye. A bag that can hold all their tricks of the trade becomes a necessity. 

All that multi-functional ability creates a need to be well organized so that you’re not constantly rummaging around the bottom of the bag for a bottle lid or your charging cord. When it’s time to pack everything into your bag, maintain a consistent pattern of use for each compartment. This way, you can reach inside and get what you need easily. 

If you know you’ll be clocking a lot of hours with your crossbody bag, consider buying two — either two of the same or one of each in different styles — so that you can swap them out occasionally. This will also help them last a long time. If you’re choosing a bag that fits your style and your needs well, you’ll be able to keep them in rotation whether you’re on mom duty or not for any given day. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding a crossbody bag that works perfectly for your needs doesn’t have to be hard. As you shop, remember to consider your personal style and daily habits. Try to imagine any unique situations, like taking along a travel-size bottle warmer or extra clothes for day trips or plane rides. Considerations like these will help you pick a bag that’s versatile and durable for your lifestyle.

Best Crossbody Bags for Moms – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
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